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46/ Yixing gifs

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22/100 edits of the man i love ©
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I've been following you guys for a while and I've noticed a lot of Yixing-biased fans don't really think of him in a sexual way, at least not most of the time. Oh, how I envy them~ Overdose era broke something in my brain and /fuck/ Yixing makes me so frustrated with his sharp controlled movements and hip thrusting and confidence on stage and all I want is for him to fuck me on the nearest surface until I'm hoarse from screaming out his name. It's even worse when he's being cute leT ME AT HIM!



Lately, the opposite is happening. A lot of Yixing biased (and non-biased) are having sexual feels for Yixing. I, too, is experiencing this. As an Yixing biased, my life was peaceful in the beginning until… I think Wolf era (?) where he started wearing sleeveless shirts and began thrusting his way on my face. And then that Happy camp episode where he danced to G Dragon’s song


look at how his hips move before his upper body. It is sometimes scary watching him like this because i know it is dangerous for my feelings. I look at Yixing like a friend. BUT HE KEEPS ON DOING THINGS THAT MAKES ME WANNA TAKE HIM.

And then Growl era happened. Well you know his teaser photos. he was only wearing a leather jacket without anything underneath.


And then the dance step of Growl is not really helping at all.


We also caught him grabbing his junk in the MV >__<


Miracle in December.  Christmas day choreo killed my whole being.


Then Christmas concert where he was proudly parading his body and did that solo hiphop dance good lord.


And then there are these random moments where he would flash his tummy.


TLP made it worse.



It was so hard since I started being a fan and seeing him as a cute little dimpled angel and now I am starting to think he is a dirty kinky devil with his killer hip thrusts.

This agony wont stop. We just have to endure Yixing and accept that our unicorn is a sexy sexy man T__T

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[1[140813 Fanaccount] Yixing practicing till late night again


He went out the building just now, the entire building’s lights were already out. When he was about to go outside the door, he saw that there were still quite a lot of fans and freaked out. He went to the convenience store to buy a drink. All the way to sending him off in a taxi, he was always…

He’s so perfect that it hurts ..

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jongin’s “soft and fluffy and plushy” lips for kaibility ♥


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Yixing, Luhan, and Tao's Chinese Valentine's Day Song BY Yixing, Luhan, and Tao
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Their song is an altered version of 月亮代表我的心. The seventh day of the seventh month according to the Lunar calendar is China’s Valentine’s Day (which is Aug 2nd Gregorian calendar this year!) → learn more about the history behind the day here.

"Today is Valentine’s Day so I prepared a special Valentine’s Day gift for you guys!" /starts singing but sings the wrong part. "Sang the wrong part. I’ll start again." → at the end "Thank you everyone! Hope everyone has a good Valentine’s Day and has a good time here today! Thank you!"

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jackson liked a pic captioned hoping for their online drama to not have a female lead or for the female be mark


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Kai - Grazia Magazine

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